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TOPIC: Cheap scope mod
Nikki (Admin)
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Cheap scope mod 8 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0  
Just a short time ago i found myself needing to age thin sections, and my scope was only set up to use direct light. So necessity being the mother of invention (and not wanting to wait for the whole purchasing rigamarole) i hit the dollar store. I picked up a couple of mirrors for $1 each, then rummaged some coffee stirrers from the kitchen.

On my personal scope, i took the black/white disk out of the base and put the mirror into the hole. I taped the coffee stirrers over the opening to act as a support for the slide (eventually i will replace these with a glass stage plate, but holy crud they can cost $40!) The mirror in the picture was a little purse mirror, one with a hinge that opens like a clamshell. I have since replaced it with a flat mirror that fits under the stage all the time.

For the double scope, where there isn't any hole to stick the mirror into, i put the mirror flat on the stage and put a clear plastic petri dish inverted over it to support the slide.

I found that in both cases, putting a bit of kimwipe under the slide helped diffuse the light and make the image much nicer to look at. It also gives you something to aim the light at when you bounce it off the mirror. Having the light focusers on my light source arms seems to be a bonus, too.

Hope this might be of some use! It certainly is a cheap way to convert a direct light scope to reflected light.
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