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Committee of Age Reading Experts (CARE) Announcements

IMPORTANT : How to create an account at the forum

2010-06-08 13:17:00
Because of the multitude of spam accounts being created (exceeding 100 per week) we're going to change how people create new accounts on the forum. We're closing the "public" access to new account creation, but you are still more than welcome to become a member of the forum! If you would like an account please e-mail me and i will create an account for you.

To create an account, please e-mail me with your chosen username and whether you would like to be e-mailed when new posts are made to the forum. (You will only receive notification of non-spammy new posts, and not replies.) My e-mail is:
natkins (at) psmfc (dot) org
(Muddled to confuse the spammy-bots. Remove spaces and replace (dot) with . and (at) with @)

I'll send you your account information and a starter password. You can then sign in and change your profile info and password to whatever you like.

Thanks for your patience!

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