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Microscope options and imaging software

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Andrew Pollak
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Greeting fellow CARE members,

I am curious about different scopes and pricing.  I am current looking for a new scope(for our new age reader!) and got quotes from Leica and Nikon, and while I know they are great scopes from trusted names, they are expensive.  Do anyone have any leads on other scopes or vendors that have more reasonable prices?

Second part - What is the current preferred imaging software?  We had been using Image Pro Plus.  Thanks and It will be nice to see you all again(whenever that mat be!)




Nikki Paige
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Can't help with other scopes - our lab is all Leica, and i believe even the newest one was purchased some years ago now. I WOULD recommend that whatever brand you go with, make sure that they have ergonomic attachments available right off the bat, too!


We use the AmScope software to capture images, and i currently have GIMP for editing. It has all the tools of photoshop and can save layers for age dots and scale bars. And it saves in pretty much any format you want, including .pdf. If you're allowed to use it by your organization it's also very budget friendly, being free. We *do* plan on getting a Photoshop license again eventually, for editing as well as image organization. But I'm not sure when we'll be able to get that.