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Nikki Paige
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During CARE 2024 I've been collecting a bunch of random links to helpful resources/tools/supplies, and I thought I'd post them here as well. Feel free to add more!


Black Silly Putty from Crazy Aarons

Cobalt Silly Putty from Crazy Aarons


Syracuse Watch Glasses:

Single dishes from Amazon

6-pack from Amazon

12 pack from Fischer Scientific


End cutters/Nippers for snapping otoliths, from Amazon. These are geared for jewelry making and are nice and precise/fine


GIMP photo editor - free, open source photo editing software. Equivalent to Photoshop, including layers (No, I have no idea why it’s named that. But it works!)

And if for some reason you want more (non sparkly) stickers, or the sticker design on any other things (shirts, notebooks, mugs, bags), here’s where you can order them!
CARE Zazzle Shop

(If someone really wants an item with the final otolith in the set “upside down”, I can edit the image file and load it onto any item you’d like on the site)