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Black rockfish round-robin exchange

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I'm going to use this thread to initiate interest in the black rockfish round-robin exchange before requesting an official CARE exchange number from Andrew.

Please respond if your lab would like to be included and provide the following info:

1. Lab name and contact person for the exchange

2. Do you have 50 black fish to contribute from your state? What is the size range of fish?

3. Is the scientist who aged vermilion rockfish as part of the 2020 round-robin is available to participate in the black rockfish round robin?  If we have a few of the same people for both species comparisons that will add insight to the analyses.

4. How many scientists from your lab will age the black rockfish in this exchange?  

5. Are there any biogeographical breaks in your state (e.g., Cape Mendocino in CA) that may lead to differences in growth in black rockfish? If yes, do you have 50 structures from each region?



p.s. If I don't get any responses here, I'll send out a Google Form 🙂

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Hi Melissa,

We don't have anything close to 50 samples as we only get maybe 1 otolith per year from our combo survey.  We are likely to age some CA black rockfish samples though and would benefit from participating in any round robin exchange.   In the past, we have had Tyler or Nikki age black rockfish.  Betty was our vermilion age reader.   I had planned on Tyler ageing the black rockfish for this assessment, as Betty will have her hands full with canary.