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New users, Moderation, and getting in contact

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Nikki Paige
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Hey all! I just wanted to let you know of a few housekeeping things. I'm moderating the forum, but once I'm back in the office full time and back on my regular desktop computer I won't hear email notifications 24/7 like I have been when working from home. I'll be checking in once a day to answer questions and put out the proverbial fires, but since this is just a side gig and most of my day is spent with my face in the microscope and headphones on so I won't see things as they happen, heh.

To that end, it's possible that a post or comment might get stuck in moderation by the system, and I won't see it to approve it until a little while later. I know this can be frustrating but trust me it's necessary - in the day and a half since the forum has gone live there have been almost *60* spambot accounts created, and a number of spam comments the system has caught and shunted to me to approve or delete. Once a user has posted a few times - I *think* the setting is 5 - the system will stop asking me to approve everything for them. 


Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience!